Renting a bike in Dordogne-Périgord

Autumn on an electric bike on a path in the Bessède

Just make a selection of bikes and accessories and go on the paths to discover the Dordogne-Périgord, the Bessède forest, or the Bastides of the Périgord !

Whenever you're alone, with friends, or with your family, bike hiking has become a wonderful method to visit touristic sites. Moreover, when the technology gives you even more confort associated to the discovery of new teritories, you have no more choice than enjoy a maximum !

That's why Cycl'Hope is working hard day after day to give you performant and recent bikes just to let you have unforgettable moments during the best days of the year: your holidays. Our main goal is to ensure that you get the best product for your confort and your pleasure.

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VTC Adult 10 € 15 € 25 € 35 € 55 € 70 € 60 €
VTC Adult 15 € 20 € 30 € 40 € 60 € 80 € 70 €
VTC Elec 20 € 35 € 60 € 80 € 120 € 150 € 120 €
VTT Elec 25 € 40 € 70 € 100 € 150 € 180 € 150 €
VTT Child 8 € 10 € 18 € 25 € 35 € 45 € 35 €
Carbon road 25 € 40 € 65 € 85 € 150 € 180 € 150 €
Bag 2 € 5 € 7 € 10 € 10 € 10 € 10 €
Child Seat 2 € 4 € 6 € 8 € 10 € 10 € 10 €
Delivery short distance (10km)
10 €
Delivery long distance (30km)
30 €
Booking on line
Booking at the shop
Cycling in spring

The bikes

A helmet is supplied with every of our locations. Also, except for the mountain bikes, the bikes are equipped with a crutch.

The electric mountain bike, a new era of freedom !

VTT Gitane e-Verso Yamaha Mixte

The GITANE E-VERSO YAMAHA Mixte is an electric mountain bike that has an excellent engine Yamaha, giving you a progressive and dynamic assistance.

In this 2017 version, this bike is equipped with a powerful battery. You'll be on the road for a distance until 70 km.

A light frame of aluminium, along with a Shimano SLX Shadow derailleur, will let you a feeling of freedom in mind.

A mountain bike at the top !

VTT Bianchi Kuma 27.2 ACERA/ALTUS

Just drive this light et handy mountain bike ! No matter de paths, you can go on. Push the limits by going anywhere in the forest of the Bessède. And discover new landscapes you'll never see otherwise.

this bike is based on an aluminium frame of 27.5", a performant disc brake, and not less than 3x9 speeds that allows you to go on slopes you've never dreamt before !

Profiled for sport !

VTT Gitane Kobalt 27.3 Acera

The VTT Gitane Kobalt will seduce you thanks to the quality of its equipment and a particular look ! It is a polyvalent bike with which you will have good feelings.

Having 3x8 speeds Shimano, an aluminium frame, hydraulic disk brakes Tektro, this model suits for the most demanding.

The electric bike, the freedom !

VTC VAE Peugeot ECO200

That hybrid bike, initially conceived for urban moves, proves to be an excellent leasure transportation through the paths of the campaigns and forests of the Dordogne. It will give you funny sensations of ease against acclivity, and braking confort in the down slopes.

Having an autonomy of nearly 75km, discovering a region is now accessible to everyone !

Amongst the accessories, the front cart is useful to keep your small objects near your hands, while the bag can contain the lunch, some bottles of water or the children's snacks.

The classic hybrid bike for the whole family !

VTC Gitane Zen D

Gitane has created a collection of bikes that goes as well as on the roads or on the paths. The light aluminium frame helps reducing the efforts. Saddle, seat post and fork suspended offer a haven of comfort.

With 21 speeds, and a luggage rack, this bike is still only 17.9kg.

A basket or a bag can be attached to the handlebars to carry your memories, or take a meal for the break !

A mountain bike especially for the children&n !

Mountain bike for the children

With this dedicated mountain bike, children will be able to come with you through the Bessède forest.

This mountain bike suits well to the children between 4 and 8 years old. They will thus come with you freely. Very light and manageable, it will be the support of sports and domestic hikes with a maximum of autonomy.


The bag on the handlebars, the small practical volume !

bag on the handlebars for the bikes
bag on the handlebars

This model of bag is fixed on the handlebar and so replace the basket.

It has never been easier to access the content even while biking. Get the sunglasses, the wallet, a camera, or a map. Just like a handbag, there are several fast openings on it.

The rear bag, the family volume !

Rear bag for the bikes
Rear bag

this second model of bag is fixed at the rear of the bicycle, on one or both sides of the luggage rack.

It has also a bigger volume of transport that allows to have the lunch for the whole family during a long journey.

The basket, a space for your small objects within easy reach !

The basket on the handlebars

So practical to keep those small things you need when biking on the road, like a map, a GPS, or a mobile phone. No more stop whenever you need to check the map&n !

The basket is fixed on the handlebars. While it is practical on the road, prefer the bag with closed parts while going on more sports paths.

The helmet, because security has no price


Because your security is important, Cycl'Hope supplies a helmet free of charge with every bike.

For every size, our model are adjustables to give you maximum comfort.


Get the material where you are&n !

sacoche de transport pour les vélos

You want to start from a specific place in the region ? So, we can drive your bikes at that place. That's ideal when you prepare your trip by yourself, for exemple to include some visits during the journey. Also great when you want to see other territories !

In this case, contact us before to be sure about the organization and availability of the material you need.

We proceed for transports until 80 km round-trip.